DateNovember 2014
LocationApple and Android App Stores
DisplayAugmented Reality Application
CategoryAugmented Reality

The Virtualiis Augmented Reality Application

Virtualiis mobile application and code markers allow for an easy way to show and share 3d models through augmented reality.

This application benefits users because they can now gain a new level of 3D information to paper ads and physical marketing, and save the virtual information to be viewed anywhere and at anytime.

Virtualiis is an easy to use and update. It allows our clients to send us their 3D models, and meta information. Then we can instantly update the information into the application. They then receive a code marker to place in their marketing campaign to add a 3D level to their marketing messaging and track it’s effectiveness.

The application helps in many ways, such as

• Better understanding of the shape and form of the construction or product.
• Encourages and promotes diverse and innovative constructions or products.
• Enables people to make an informed decision through virtual information.
• Enables interaction with a development.
• Unique medium solely for the purpose of promoting off the plan developments and physical products.
• Cutting edge technology to engage a digital natives demographic.

The Virtualiis augmented reality application is available on iOS and Android platforms.

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“You can only do so much with plans and drawings. The app has really helped clients visualise what the finished apartment will look like,” “It’s a quantum leap in imagination for them”
Daniel Colgan
Colgan Industries