DateJune 2011
LocationGresley Abas & Soda Apartments
DisplayAugmented Reality Presentation
ClientGresley Abas
CategoryAugmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the overlaying of virtual information on real life environments.

This type of technology allows our clients to show digital information is futurist new way such as

  1. Virtually see property in real life environments before it is built,
  2. Virtually see property in press adverts and brochures as mini models,
  3. Virtually view products in 3d from scanning adverts,
  4. Virtually show instructions over products for assembling.
  5. Virtually engaging directions to locations.
  6. Virtually show maintenance instructions over machinery.

If you have an idea or would like to discuss how Augmented Reality apps can assist your business promotions or services, give us a call today. 

“Having toyed with similar but less sophisticate systems in the past, we were pleased to use this new concept to present our project models in various client presentations” “Our Clients were impressed”
Philip Gresley
Gresley Abas Architects