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DateNov 2015
LocationApp Stores and Display Suite
DisplayMobile Devices & VR Headsets
ClientBGC Development
CategoryGyro Virtual Reality

Virtual Property Tours

One of the most difficult challenges for purchasing “Off The Plan” real estate for potential buyers is understanding the product before it is built. Although floor plans, visual renders and video fly throughs give you a great insight to the property, it still doesn’t show you a view of the final property as if it was actually built. This could be changed with virtual property tours.

We at oneVR ¬†are focused on reducing the reluctance to purchase “Off the Plan” property by offering advance virtual experiences to see and understand property before it’s build, while¬†empowering our clients to better understand the users buying cycle through user insights and interact directly with interested property buyers to reduce the communication gaps of understanding property before it is built.

Click here to visit the “ApartmentVR by BGC Development” application to see an example of a virtual property tours.