Pokemon Go is proving a technology shift…

Pokemon Go is proving a augmented reality technology shift?

Augmented reality technologyI have a confession to make…. I am…. “Glurp” a gaming addict. It all started in high school with the love of Counter Strike game, then an obsession with Play Station where I lost months… years of my life. The only way to communicate with me back then, was to play a game with me. I don’t claim to be the most sophisticated gamer, but I am in the general demographic for gamer addiction.

I realised my obsession went too far when during an “obsession session” with Lego Star Wars and I started to see the people and places around me looking like Lego. To two worlds had became one, and I needed to choose one or the other.

I choose gaming of course but then my Play Station got stolen and I was forced to go cold turkey. I focused my obsession towards the love of technology and started getting into the business world, which moved into the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality space.. Da Daaaaa we now have oneVR.

The reason I tell you this is because I only play games now when I “have to” and Pokemon Go is a must play. It combines my love for games, my love for exploring the world, exercise, and truly opens our eyes to the future of technology.

I’ve been studying the space of augmented reality technology and virtual reality for about 5 years now. What I’ve learnt is we’re in another great technology shift, a shift towards virtual information, augmented reality and environmentally driven data sharing. I believe this technology will be a common technology in the coming years.

We will use accessories and mobile devices to gather information on the go. Technology will be apart of how we function day to day and assist us with our intelligence amplification so we can excel further than what we can with just our bodies and minds.

Pokemon Go is the proof to how ready the market is for virtual, environmental and augmented reality technology to be apart of our life’s.

It is a phenomenon! Pokemon go statistics are telling us crazy results, such as, within a few weeks it has almost as many daily interactions as Twitter!

Within 2 days of its launch it’s been installed in over 5% of all the worlds Andriod phones.

If only we brought Nintendo stocks before this hit the market. As Nintendo shares have gone up 21% since the launch and is still rising.

This growth is the gold coin of launch success. It matches the right product and game play to hit the sweet spot of everyday gamers.

But! What it really proves for me is they’ll be a change in user engagement of technology where people will no longer want/need our technology to be sourced from a screen that we engage with in a passive / statistic position, people will want digital information to be shared with us based on our moments thought.

I first notice this adoption for environmental gaming with FourSquare, which has now left the market. It ran a similar game play style, what happened in this game was users visited locations and “checked in”, the user with the most “check ins” OWNED! the place, or simply became the Mayor. You would find yourself competing with complete strangers for the right to be Mayor of your local coffee shop.

As you can see, this virtual, environmental and augmented reality technology is working today in the game play world, my challenge, is how do we create this adoption in other markets, be it in education, transport, travel, planning, or my favorite, marketing & advertising.

One thing we do know is, this technology shift is happening, let’s embrace it and look back in 5 years from now and say, WOW how did I live without this 5 years ago.