Award Winning Virtual Application Developers

oneVR is a software development company focused on creating virtual marketing applications. Our focus is on changing and improving the way we learn about and experience property before it is built.

We believe the best experience is real experience, and through our technology we allow customers to better engage with future developments before they are built or they can physically see them.STARTUP

Our client process is to work with their vision and their end users’ needs to understand the messaging, key sales points and the experience they need to communicate. We translate the environment and experiences into a real-time 3D game engine for them to use in their market processes through multiple platforms such as all/either desktop applications, mobile application, presentations, or virtual reality headsets.

Rebecca Lee

Managing Director

Ever since I was introduced to virtual technology I’ve been in love with it.

Andrew Hawkins

Leading Technologist

I’ve been working with virtual reality for so long, I now believe I am virtual.

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